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Poultry Conditioner by Manna Pro

Poultry Conditioner by Manna Pro

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Poultry Conditioner: A comprehensive pelleted supplement helps condition birds for performance & exhibition. Complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds, and brilliant high-quality plumage.


•Helps condition birds for performance and exhibition
•Supports brilliant, high-quality plumage
•Provides complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds

Outstanding ingredients:

•Calf-Manna®, an excellent source of protein and energy
•Flaxseed meal concentrated energy with omega 3 fatty acids
•Fish meal, high levels of quality protein and omega 3 fatty acids
•Amino acids, provide the building blocks for muscle growth and development
•Comprehensive mineral/vitamin nutrition, used by the body for soundness, structure, health and fitness
•Chelated trace minerals more absorbable form of minerals
•Digestive aids, helps improve feed utilization including maintaining feed intake during times of stress
•Also contains yucca, kelp, and anise flavor