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The hobby of bird watching and feeding or "Birding" has grown to be the second most popular outdoor activity in the US, gardening being the first! Southern Agriculture carries a variety of great wild bird products from feeders and houses to suet and seed. Most wild bird enthusiast like attracting a diversity of birds to their backyard oasis, but weather you are trying to help control insect, attract hummingbirds or build a large wild bird habitat, we hope you will find what you are looking for here.

When hanging a bird feeder consider where you can see it best, hang it at least five feet high as to insure the birds are safe from the neighborhood cat and other predators. Also remember to give the birds a place to get water, a bird bath or just a shallow dish. By adding water you will almost double the birds you attract! Clean feeder at least once a month (more often in hot and humid weather) using a brush to get rid of mold and mildew which spores can be dangerous to birds if inhaled or eaten.

We are adding new items all the time so please check back!